• The current version of OrderCup is 3.0.1 released on July 14, 2011.
    Version 3.0.1
    • Enhance Change Order Status functionality
    • Fix syncing Shopify canceled orders
    • Treat US Virgin Islands as USPS domestic order
    • Enable OrderCup insurance correcly based on rules

    Version 3.0.0

    • Migrated to Fedex Web Services, including pricing
    • Enabled printing multiple labels per page
    • Updaing notes on invoices for BigCommerce orders
    • Implemented thermal label Packing Slips
    • Fixed sending email shipment notifications for manual orders
    • Fixed weight calculations on Ship page
    • Fixed handling of USPS Refunds
    • Fixed errors with Return labels
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.17

    • Impelemted improved Packing Slip layout
    • Fixed printing of custom Return Instructions
    • Fixed not fetching orders awaiting payment for Volusion
    • Fixed displaying item options for Volusion
    • Fixed disabling insurance option incorrectly
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.16

    • Fix Returns Page layout to be more cosisstent
    • Implement Auto Print Return Labels feature
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.15

    • Fixed BigCommerce orders value on Ship page
    • Fixed handling special characters and added shipping weight to XML Export
    • Fixed USPS LS Scan Form missing shipments
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.14

    • Implement Import Orders/Export Shipment via XML
    • Fixed BigCommerce fetch orders issues
    • Fixed total on customs form to includes discounts
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.13

    • Added Simple Drop-Ship enhancements
    • Fixed Scan Form generation issue
    • Restored link to generate Packing Slip after shipping
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 2.17.12

    • Handling Magento configurable products correctly
    • Adding Ship Metod back to Ship page
    • Making printer reset for UPS labels optional based on Settings
    • Implement discounted USPS rates and reduced surcharge for FCM
    • Other minor bug fixes