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“Makes shipping 300 % faster” ” Tons of features” ” A great product” WWW.QUICKCANDLES.COM

SPREECOMMERCE E commerce Solution

Previously, our warehouse staff was manually typing in shipping addresses into our FedEx shipping software. Our office staff used to enter tracking numbers manually for emailing to the customers (usually the day after it shipped). When we signed up for OrderCup, it was a huge time saver for us. Now OrderCup takes care of all that with a single click. Our customers get the information much faster which saves us from answering customer service calls. Another benefit is if an order gets printed twice, which happens sometimes, we cannot double-ship it because OrderCup alerts you that the order has already been shipped. There are tons of other features we use and without a doubt using OrderCup has been a major time saver for our entire staff. A great product that I would recommend highly to anyone.


“A massive time saver “

SPREECOMMERCE E commerce Solution

OrderCup is indispensable for my fulfillment operation. Before OrderCup, we had been struggling with automating the shipping process. With every new release of UPS Worldship, we would have to upgrade every computer, spend hours with UPS customer support and end up with a cobbled-together workflow. It got worse when UPS installed a 3rd party program designed for "handsfree" shipping. It created more headaches until we signed up for OrderCup. From its early stages of development, OrderCup has proved to be a massive timesaver.

– Essco Aircraft
Michael Stadvec

“A must have” “We are big fans” “So easy to use” “Practically no training time” WWW.BABYBEAUANDBELLE.COM

SPREECOMMERCE E commerce Solution

OrderCup is so easy to use that anybody in the company can use it and there is practically no training time involved. OrderCup is a must have component to any size business looking to expedite their shipping and spend more time focused on their business and not their shipping! We are big fans of Web applications because you are not dependent on constantly updating your software locally. With OrderCup, any updates that are made occur behind the scenes and are ready for you to use the next time you log in. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the hard work you have put into it!

Russ Salton

“The ultimate time and money saver” ” Gets out more packages per day “ WWW.CHRISTENINGGOWNS.COM


OrderCup is the ultimate time and money saver for all our shipping needs. Before OrderCup, our shipping was much more time consuming and we had to start our shipping process much earlier in the day because we had to enter each customers information by hand, copy and paste their tracking information and update their order. Now with OrderCup, this is all automated for us, allowing us to get out more packages per day which enables us to promise more same day shipping to our customers. Now for most packages our shipping literally consists of a couple of clicks and we're done!

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